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Calgary Renovation

Two Times Winner of ‘Best of Calgary' Award by Homestars

Calgary Renovation Contractor

Two Times Winner of ‘Best of Calgary' Award by Homestars

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Our Latest Renovation Projects in Calgary

Kitchen Remodel in Calgary

Kitchen Remodel in Calgary< Sometimes I tell people renovating is addictive. That's because some things look dated and in need of upgrade in a home,

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Shower Installed in Calgary

Shower Installed in Calgary Another project, this is on an acreage outside the city where the home owner decides on a properly sized shower stall over a tub/shower combo. Indeed, a very common request and one of the most functional renovation in a bathroom.

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New Countertops in Calgary

New Countertops in Calgary If your home still has nice cabinetry but the tops and surrounds are looking dated and worn, a partial upgrade could be a great solution to spruce things up. Laminated tops get damaged much easier than stone tops and so upgrading the tops and the back splash is a worthwhile face lift to your kitchen or bathroom. If the existing style and layout still functional and works for you, then this can be a good option and it is a fraction of the cost of a full revamp.

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Bathroom Remodel in Calgary

Bathroom Upgrade in Calgary Modern European style bathrooms are extremely popular nowadays. A new customer browsing through our website found one of our completed projects and liked it so much that they got basically the same thing done their bathroom! This design is a bit different from the traditional, it is composed of straight lines and colder colours. It focuses on practicality and effectively using small spaces, as well as the bright and cooler colours and lights make small places look bigger.

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Bathroom Upgrade in Calgary

Bathroom Upgrade in Calgary This project shows the new demand people have for functional and well designed bathrooms. The small neo-angle shower stall was difficult to clean, had leaked and was just too small. The large 6 foot tub with the water jets is the thing of the past with today's 'green' world, just a waste of water and so most people don't use them much.

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Main Bath Renovation in Calgary

Main Bath Renovation in Calgary Here we have another high end and very cool condo in a trendy part of the city. Again, the builder had chosen a quick solution rather than a custom solution for the bathrooms. Acrylic one piece tub/shower units are great in a sense that they almost never leak. The look though is plain and boring and many clients request them to be removed despite they are still fully functional.

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Partial En-Suite Bathroom Remodel in Calgary

Partial En-Suite Bathroom Remodel in Calgary Here we had a project where the customer was unhappy with the dated colours of the en-suite bathroom. The shower stall was tiny and it still had the old style framed glass enclosure that is just such a paint to clean and maintain. In addition, they are from Europe and wanted a few European style extras such as heated tiled floor (YES, the linoleum had to go!) and a towel warmer.

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Partial Bathroom Upgrade in Calgary

Partial Bathroom Upgrade in Calgary Some bathrooms are still functional and looking stylish but just like in this case, the builder went cheap on the flooring and for a high end home this is not acceptable.

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