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Two Times Winner of ‘Best of Calgary' Award by Homestars

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The first thing you need to do when renovating your Calgary bathroom is to establish a plan and a budget. Yes, it is very easy to let the expenses get out of hand, but only when you don’t have a proven in place before you start.

If you develop a plan and stick with it, you will find the whole process goes smoother than you could have imagined, and at a much reduced cost. Here are some tips to help you formulate your plan.

Develop your budget first, and then make your plan accordingly. For instance, if you have a set amount you’d like to spend, and you know you need a new toilet, go out and look at toilets and compare prices. If you can’t find any within your budget, it is best to hold of on that aspect
of the remodeling process, at least at first.

If you are on a strict budget, it is best to implement your plan once at a time. For instance, you could renovate or replace your bathtub; then, once this is accomplished, you could go on and do another area. The point is, each time you finish one project, wait until you have the available funds to start the next thing.

There is nothing worse than getting to the middle of a full blown renovation project and realizing you won’t be able to afford the rest of it. By taking it one step at a time, you will eliminate the headaches involved with such a decision.

After you’ve determined the first area that needs remodeling, go and shop around for the necessary items. For instance, if you need a new sink, shop around for the best deals in town. Also, make sure to check the internet; often times, you can get great deals on the internet you
would never find off-line.

You can also find a lot of instructional information and tips about bathroom remodeling online that will make the process smoother. This is especially helpful if you don’t know anything about bathroom remodeling to begin with.

Another factor to take into consideration is whether or not you should do the remodeling yourself. If you know nothing about the subject, you will need to weigh factors such as the time needed, money and even the possibility of injury. Truth be told, you can save some money if you know what you’re doing; however, often times the time needed outweighs the benefits of the
reduced cost.

You need to consider your overall experience and the price differential before making this determination. Often times, if you are inexperienced, you can actually end up spending more money doing it yourself than hiring a Calgary professional renovator because of the amount of mistakes you make. Sit down and weigh your options, and make an informed decision.

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